Michelle is great! She wastes no time jumping into the mess and in the four hours I was able to clean/ organize my whole room and accomplish everything I wanted! She is kind and non-judgemental and has a real passion for a tidy lifestyle. She is educated in the KonMari method and we went through all the steps and I swear by them! I wanted to create a space to work, sleep and do yoga and by the end of the four hours I had a lovely space to clear my head and achieve my goals. Can’t recommend her enough! 



Michelle is quite possibly the most amazing woman and a true organizing genius. I was so embarrassed by how messy my room had become and being surrounded by so much stuff made me so unhappy. She was so patient, kind, and non-judgmental with me as we methodically went through mountains of clothes and piles of miscellaneous junk. I truly enjoy being in my space now and it's all thanks to her. It was so much hard work and she made it much more fun to do thoroughly. I HIGHLY recommend working with Michelle and it WILL change your life.



"Michelle was absolutely fabulous at organizing my closet, desk and kitchen. I can’t believe how wonderful it looks now and oh so easy to keep it up. Lots of work on Michelle’s and my part, going through everything and getting rid of lots, donating lots and keeping the rest. The folding looks so awesome and really easy to do, which means you will keep it up. It was like a huge load was taken off my back, when we were all done. I’m starting a new business and this is just what I needed a new start...You will not be disappointed hiring Michelle and Tidy Vibes, they are the absolutely awesome to work with and Michelle knows her stuff.

marie r.


"Michelle is very professional, methodical, and non-judgmental in her work. She gets straight to work straightening things up and encouraging to purge and my apartment is so much more tidy and inviting because of her help. Definitely recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to organize their space!"



"Looking for a Professional home organizer to help revamp your space — through mind, body and good vibes? Inquire! Michelle Fraser changed my life! We are Forever thankful."