Michelle Fraser


Simplify Your Life 

Do you feel like you are constantly battling clutter?  Do you find it difficult to keep your home tidy? Do you feel that your home is not the peaceful sanctuary it could be? You've come to the right place, I help clients to realize their vision for a tranquil, orderly home and life and give you the tools and steps to declutter and tidy your home once and for all!

It was in early 2017 that I heard Marie Kondo being interviewed on "The Tim Ferriss Show" podcast. Though I'd always consider myself neat and tidy, there always seemed to be constant clutter. But Marie spoke of something I hadn't heard of about with organizing, that tidying was to be done once and that you are choosing what you want to keep and letting go what no longer serves you. I bought "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up", started tidying my apartment right away! 

I couldn't believe how much I had disposed of and felt so much more at peace in my home. The folding technique is amazing, such a space saver, clothes look beautiful in the drawers and you can see everything you own! No more pulling things out of drawers from piles. I was so inspired to help others learn this method that I decided to become Certified KonMari Consultant. It is my pleasure to help others organize and discover/ rediscover joy in their lives. What I love most about the KonMari Method™ is that it is a one-and-done proven tidying system, once your home is put together you will not want to revert to clutter again!

My background comes by way of the corporate business world as a commercial real estate accountant. Some of the skills I developed that made me successful include organizing the various daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual responsibilities, time management to meet deadlines, adaptability to ever changing environments, being transparent when making decisions and giving advice as well as strong leadership and communication skills. Now that I have my own business, I have been able to apply these skills in my tidying sessions as each client, home and needs are different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other professional organizers?

The KonMari Method™is a proven method to declutter & organize and allow you to have the joyous life you were meant to live. Many professional organizers will help you organize your existing items and may offer clever storage solutions as problems to your clutter. However, this is a short term solution to a bigger issue, and that is we simply have too much stuff to care of and manage properly. As a Certified KonMari Consultant, I help you with the process of discarding, sorting and organizing as well as provide simple storage solutions, typically consisting of items you already own. I've had the training and experience, chances are I've worked with clients with similar issues. Like a personal trainer is to getting fit, a KonMari consultant can provide motivation and make sure the time is used efficiently and effectively. Many people don't even know where and how to start. Clients have told me they would never have accomplished as much on their own. 

What can I expect from my first tidying lesson?

• Discussion of goals and vision for your space • Interview, home tour and review of current storage systems • 4 hours minimum of hands-on decluttering and organizing by category • Email and phone support as needed

Do I really need to set aside 4-5 hrs? Seems like a long time.

Tidying is a special, once-in-a-lifetime event and is meant to be executed “quickly,” therefore, it is highly recommended that all lessons are completed within six months from when you begin in order to achieve an optimal state of living. If you tidy little by little, an hour here and there, you'll never complete your tidying. it is important to dedicate large chunks of time to the process whenever possible for the best impact. Five hours is an optimal amount of time to dedicate to tidying per day/ lesson to appropriately pace your progress. 

How many lessons will I need?

There are various factors including the size of your living space, the number of items you have, how quickly the "joy check" process goes and if you tidy in-between lessons. I will be able to give you an estimation after the first lesson. Some clients need one session as a motivator and some want help with their entire home. You decide.

What do I need to do before you arrive?

There is no need to do anything except think about your goals and vision, which we will discuss in further detail in person. To assist the process, it is helpful to have bags or boxes for donations, trash and sorting.